Upper Lip Threading

Women of all ages struggle with unwanted lip hair. Threading instantly removes all unwanted hair and peach-fuzz on the upper lip leaving the lip smooth to the touch. Over time upper lip hair becomes much finer by threading.

Since the hair is extracted without the use of dangerous chemicals or scolding wax substances upper lip threading has almost no down-time. Some redness may occur but usually dissipates within an hour.

Upon completion of all of our threading services our practitioners will offer you an application of soothing alcohol-free toner which is safe for even the most sensitive of skin types. The toner helps with minor irritation and accelerates the return of your skin to its natural state.

Boost your confidence without pesky unwanted lip hair. Schedule an appointment today for only $10.00!

Chin Threading

Chin threading removes both unwanted peach-fuzz and thick straggly chin hair at the follicle level. The procedure removes all signs of dark and thick hair roots. The chin instantly becomes silky and smooth to the touch.

Note: Lower lip threading is included as part of a chin threading procedure. Lower lip threading removes short fine hair and peach-fuzz which often causes the lower lip to appear darker and smaller. Lower lip threading instantly creates a well defined, fuller, more attractive lip. Schedule an appointment today for only $10.00!

Lip and Chin Combo

Request both services during the same visit and receive a special rate of only $15.00! Schedule an appointment today.

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